B.E 2nd Year (EEE) Osmania University OU Notes


3rd Semester Syllabus  I  4th Semester Syllabus

EEE Electrical Machines (EM) OU Notes [PDF]

EM Syllabus  I  EM Lab Syllabus Speed control Of Dc Shunt Motor :- Part 1  I  Part 2  I  Part ...

EEE Finance And Accounting (FA) OU Notes [PDF]

FA Syllabus All Unit Notes Important Questions 1  I  Important Questions 2 Unit 3 Notes 1  I  Unit 3 Notes ...

EEE Elements of Mechanical Engineering (EME) OU Notes [PDF]

EME Syllabus Theory of Machines Text Book Unit 1 Notes  Unit 3 Notes  Unit 4 Notes  Unit 5 Notes  IC ...

EEE Effective Technical Communication in English (ETCE) OU Notes [PDF]

ETCE Syllabus  I External Paper  I  External Paper Key Unit 1 Notes  Unit 2 Notes Unit 3 Notes  Unit 4 ...

EEE Indian Constitution (IC) OU Notes [PDF]

IC Syllabus  Unit 1 Notes  Unit 2 Notes State Government  I  Local Government Unit 3 Notes  I  Unit 3 Material ...

EEE Maths 3 (M3) OU Notes [PDF]

M3 Syllabus  Correlation and its coefficient Rank correlation and Regression Analysis Regression Analysis Testing of Hypothesis Chi square test T ...

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