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A precious note from seniors to beloved juniors.

Questions We Asked :-

1) What is that one thing you suggest for juniors to follow that will be fruitful to him/her in the journey of engineering?
2)One thing to avoid or stay away from for 4 years.

Response 1 :-

1)According to my knowledge, I feel being productive(internships, projects, coding skills etc) matters, as per my experience with interviews these were what aimed by them to hire someone.

2)I feel not to mug up on things just read with some sense in a tactful way.

- Fouziya Begum(CSE)

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Response 2 :-

1) Don’t just blindly follow the system, there are way more opportunities in this 21st century especially in India itself !
-> If you have interest in some particular field, go ahead, take the risk, don’t take too much of time in implementing any idea!
->18-30 yrs is the age when you can take any amount of risk and build a successful career out of it!
->These 4 years would be the best time of your life to learn, unlearn and develop a strong mindset for your upcoming years.

2) The one thing which you shouldn’t do:
“Don’t study for marks”
75% and above in engineering enough instead use that time in learning new skills!

- Mohammed Anas(CSE)

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Response 3 :-

1. Self-learning: Focus on learning new things on your own and evolve. Curriculum and college will hardly focus on new technologies.

2. Avoid:
Don’t let your failures decide your future. Things might not always be as you want it to be. Stay motivated and work hard despite the failures.

- Syed Hussain(CSE)

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