Artificial Intelligence OU Syllabus


Introduction, History, Intelligent Systems, Foundations of AI, Sub-areas of AI, Applications, Problem Solving. StateSpace Search and Control Strategies: Introduction, General Problem Solving, Characteristics of Problem, Exhaustive Searches, Heuristic Search Techniques, Iterative-Deepening, A*, Constraint Satisfaction. Game Playing, Bounded Look-ahead Strategy and use of Evaluation Functions, Alpha-Beta Pruning

Logic Concepts and Logic Programming: Introduction, Propositional Calculus, Propositional Logic, Natural Deduction System, Axiomatic System, Semantic Tableau System in Propositional Logic, Resolution Refutation in Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Logic Programming.
Knowledge Representation: Introduction, Approaches to Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Representation using Semantic Network, Knowledge Representation using Frames

Expert System and Applications: Introduction, Phases in Building Expert Systems, Expert System Architecture, Expert Systems vs Traditional Systems, Truth Maintenance Systems, Application of Expert Systems, List of Shells and Tools.
Uncertainty Measure-Probability Theory: Introduction, Probability Theory, Bayesian Belief Networks, Certainty Factor Theory, Dempster-Shafer Theory.

Machine-Learning Paradigms: Introduction, Machine Learning Systems, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Inductive Learning, Learning Decision Trees (Suggested Reading2), Deductive Learning, Clustering, Support Vector Machines.
Artificial Neural Networks: Introduction, Artificial Neural Networks, Single-Layer Feed-Forward Networks, MultiLayer Feed-Forward N

Advanced Knowledge Representation Techniques: Case Grammars, Semantic Web. Natural Language Processing: Introduction, Sentence Analysis Phases, Grammars and Parsers, Types of Parsers, Semantic Analysis, Universal Networking Knowledge.

Suggested Readings:
1. Saroj Kaushik, Artificial Intelligence, Cengage Learning, 2011
2. Russell, Norvig, Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach, Pearson Education, 2nd Edition,2004
3. Rich, Knight, Nair, Artificial Intelligence, Tata McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition, 2009

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