B.E 4th Year(CSE) Osmania University Notes


Software Quality and Testing(SQT) OU Notes

Software Quality and Testing(SQT) OU Syllabus SQT Previous year pprs- Enjoy! Software Quality and Testing(SQT) IMPORTANT SQT revised important SQT ...

Road Safety and Engineering(RSE) OU Notes

Road Safety and Engineering(RSE) OU Syllabus Road Safety and Engineering(RSE) Important Additional pdf Road Safety and Engineering(RSE)  UNIT-I Other Notes ...

Data Mining(DM) OU Notes

Data Mining(DM) OU Syllabus Data Mining(DM) OU Previous Year Papers Data Mining(DM) UNIT-I Data Mining(DM) UNIT-II Data Mining(DM) UNIT-III  Data ...

Information Security(IS) OU Notes

Information Security (IS) OU Syllabus Information Security (IS) OU Previous Year Papers Information Security (IS) UNIT-I Information Security (IS) UNIT-II ...

Software Engineering Osmania University Syllabus

UNIT-I Introduction to Software Engineering: A generic view of Process: Software Engineering, Process Framework, CMM Process Patterns, Process Assessment. Process ...

Distributed Systems (DS) OU Notes

Distributed Systems (DS) OU Syllabus Distributed Systems (DS) OU Previous Year Papers Distributed Systems (DS) UNIT 1 Part 1 Unit ...

Compiler Construction (CC) OU Notes

Compiler Construction (CC) OU Syllabus Compiler Construction (CC) OU Previous Year Papers Compiler Construction (CC) UNIT 1 Consider Referring additional ...

Green Building and Technologies OU Notes

Green Building and Technologies Syllabus Green Building and Technologies UNIT 1 Consider Referring- Additional UNIT 1 Green Building and Technologies ...

Green Building and Technologies Syllabus

UNIT-I Introduction to Green Buildings: Definition of green buildings and sustainable development, typical features of green buildings, benefits of green ...

Entrepreneurship Syllabus

UNIT-I Indian Industrial Environment-competence, Opportunities and Challenges. Entrepreneurship and Economic growth. Small Scale Industry in India, Objectives, Linkage among small, ...

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  1. I am really sorry to keep asking again and again. But, can you please put IRS notes.You are our only source for authentic engineering notes for osmania university. Please put IRS notes. Please, Please, please.

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