Internship Guidelines


We will not beat around the bush and come straight to the point.

An internship is not about

  • How much you’ll be paid.
  • Learning XYZ just because your friend or a topper is doing the same.
  • Neither it is to flaunt your certificate and,
  • lastly, the worst thing is discovering a new area and immediately forgets it.

What you need to do to shine like a star

  • Explore that language which you seriously wanted to learn.
  • Learn something new. With something new we mean
    • invest your time that in the future should be your strongest point and one of your asset.
  • Keep APPLYING for internships on various platforms. If you don’t find one bother not because mastermind Homosapiens like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison(Do you remember what Edison discovered?), and  Elon Musk faced rejections at every step of their career. Rejection motivated them to do more and the same rejection should motivate you to reach higher and higher.
  • A crucial point that many students ignore
    • Make use of the resources your college provides and to say the least, google search is handy every second.
    •  A Reference definitely adds cherry to the cake.
    • If the atmosphere provided is not worth spending then one shouldn’t think twice. It is challenging to find your place in a dark ocean. Put a full stop to the internship unless dire need.
  • An offline internship is a way greater, comprehensive and certainly adds value to your skills. If for some reasons you prefer online internship then do the following
    • Choose the one that has the best reviews.
    • A paid or perhaps a free course doesn’t matter as long as you find it interesting and easy to grab.
    • Doing an online internship from the top organisations, such as Amazon, Udemy, Google, Datacamp, etc is suggested.
  • Only as a matter of proof, have certificates to show to the respective colleges.

In a nutshell

Collaborate with smart, creative, and intelligent people.

Develop your soft skills.

Give foundation to your ideas.

Learn a new programming language.

Also, give it a try to know finance, Stocks, and Accountancy.

Finally, enjoy what you are doing because what you enjoy is what you remember just like we all can recollect the story of 3 Idiots. Why? Because we enjoyed watching it. Now you all know what needs to be done.


For you, there’s no stopping

When you consider internship seriously

This time, You should do what suits you

Not to impress anybody but YOU.


Willing to suggest something or have any query? then the comment section is all yours.


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